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Hot Tub & Spa Services in Los Gatos, California

If your spa and/or hot tub isn't very inviting these days, make it look great again with help from Tradewind Spas of Los Gatos, California. We specialize in a variety of hot tub and spa services that restore the appearance and value of your equipment.
From repairs to chemical rebalancing, we do the work that provides you with a safe place to unwind and relax. Improve your hot tub or spa with services from our specialists in Los Gatos, California.
Our Services Include:
  • Sales and Service
  • Hot Tub Repairs
  • Spa Relocating
  • Old Spa Disposal
  • Spa Detailing
  • Draining, Cleaning, and Filling
  • Chemical Rebalancing
  • Water Testing
Your Clear Choice for Your Hot Tub and Spa Needs
Tradewind Spas is a family-owned-and-operated business managed by professionals with 80 years of combined experience. To ensure your equipment is safe and fully functional, our hot tub and spa technicians use their time wisely to do detailed work.
You receive competitive rates and the highest quality service when you call us. Read reviews from our satisfied customers. Also, we invite you to visit our showroom to see our large selection of spas and hot tubs.
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Call our hot tub and spas experts at (408) 358-8800 request an estimate today for efficient service.